Meet The Team

Pediatric Dentists

Dr John Yoo

Dr. John Yoo

Dr. John specializes in singing, making dad jokes, and keeping his pediatric patients relaxed during treatment. Read more about our pediatric dentist.

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Dr Lisa VanEyndhoven

Dr. Lisa VanEyndhoven

Dr. Lisa brings years of pediatric experience as a clinician, a Hospital Attending, and now as a mother (yay!). Read more about our pediatric dentist.

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Dr Jason Lin

Dr. Jason Lin

When Dr. Lin is not busy playing basketball or lifting weights during his limited free time, he daydreams about aligning teeth and creating perfect bites. Read more about our orthodontist.

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Ops Team

Meet Emily

Emily Han is from Seoul, Korea, and a mother of two children. One day she was surprised herself waking up singing “Baby Shark” with her kids. Her oldest child, now a teenager drew Emily’s profile picture.

Emily brings a myriad of talents as both an artist and a highly experienced operations team leader. In the past, she could be found immersed in her art at Pratt in NYC. Since then, Emily has blended both her passion for creativity with a “people” component, bringing a unique background in medical/dental patient care coordination. She enjoys working with people face to face and helping patients and staff find solutions.

As a part of the operative team at Beam City, she is proud to serve her Fort Lee and Bergen County neighbors and NY metropolitan communities. She is eager to help you transition from paperwork to oral health services, exclusively designed for you. She says a rewarding moment is to see children in her neighborhood walking out of the clinic with a healthy and beautiful smile.

In her free time, Emily likes to spend time with her family doing anything from grocery shopping to traveling to places she has never visited before. She recalls the spectacular starry night sky and safari in Tanzania as one of her fondest travel memories.

She welcomes you to visit Beam City. Sing and dance “Baby Shark” with her!

Meet Opal

Sori (Opal) Lim was raised in Queens, New York, and stumbled upon the friendly demeanor of the people of New Jersey and just could not stay away. Moving away from somewhere she lived her whole life was a big change, but meeting new people has always been one of her greatest passions. As a psychology major, Opal enjoys anything involving people, which led her to excel in her role as a patient care coordinator in medical offices. She hopes that she can share the positive energy and enthusiasm she holds in helping others and providing thoughtful care to those who she encounters. She cannot wait to meet all those who walk in through the doors of Beam City Dental.

In her free time, Opal has been visiting widely known food spots and getting to know the best places of New Jersey with her family and friends. Also, she spends her time with her almost one-year-old pup, Siru, who is known to be the first “patient” of Beam City.

Clinical Team

Meet Carolina

Carolina has a smile that can light up any room. Just as impressively, Carolina brings 16 years of dental experience serving roles from clinical assisting to clinical operations. After her involvement in all aspects of dentistry, she came to fall in love with being next to patients firsthand and assisting in the treatment of the pediatric population. What she most loves about her job is making sure patients leave the office with a bright smile and helping them overcome their fear of visiting the dentist. Carolina brings warm humor and a friendly personality that can make anyone feel comfortable. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her 10-year-old child.

Meet Seunghee “Steph”

Seunghee “Steph” Park is a pre-dental Biology major, a caring dental assistant, a K-drama expert, and a workout enthusiast- she does it all! During her college studies, Steph has gained valuable experience serving as a dental assistant for all populations in an effort to provide meaningful patient care firsthand. Her goal at Beam City is to make patients feel comfortable and create positive dental experiences. In her free time, she enjoys watching baseball or Korean dramas with her parents and working out with friends. Her all-time best K-drama recommendation is “Because This Is My First Life,” a hidden gem among dramas. She’s very open-minded and loves going on spontaneous adventures.

Hygiene (RDH)

Meet Monica

Monica graduated from Bergen Community College where she received her dental hygiene license. While in school, she had a special fondness for pediatric patients. Her specialty was getting her young patients familiar and comfortable in a dental setting. Monica also has experience with children on the autism spectrum. Monica is a firm believer in the foundations of proper oral hygiene. She has a strong devotion to helping her patients lead healthier lives by educating them about the importance of oral health. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and being in the outdoors.