Pain Control / CHILD behavior experts

Our pediatric dentists and our clinical team go the extra yard when it comes to patient management and gentle care. One of the most dreaded aspects of the dental visit for many patients are pain, discomfort, and fear of the unknown.

See below examples of Dr. John Yoo’s pediatric management techniques to maximize outcome and minimize pain/trauma. Many times it can be a collaborative effort with a trained dental assistant, supportive parent(s), and doctors involved.

Our pediatric dental specialists Dr. John Yoo and Dr. Lisa VanEyndhoven make every effort to accommodate your child using both knowledge of behavioral psychology, body language, and clinical techniques. Examples include administering local anesthetics (novocaine) in a slow, gentle, and comfortable manner, thus eliminating pain that may accompany dental treatment, all the while distracting the patient with stories or silly jokes.

As with many dental procedures, discomfort may still arise, especially in young children who may find it harder to fully comprehend dental care. Our doctors and staff empathize fully with our patients, and always strive to provide the most positive experience on each visit.