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Clear Aligners


Snap on your custom aligner trays and see your teeth get straighter over time.

What are Clear Aligners?

Teeth alignment issues can negatively impact your esteem, which ultimately affects how you interact with your family, friends, and co-workers. Our clear aligners in Fort Lee, New Jersey, quickly correct misaligned teeth, giving you a balanced smile.

Clear aligners are special molds made of medical-grade plastic that help move and position teeth correctly on the jaw.  


Clear aligners are sometimes called invisible braces, due to their unique appearance. Unlike braces, they are transparent, thin, and designed to fit snug over your teeth. The best part is that we provide you with a set number of aligners and time frames so that you can continue your treatment with minimal office visits. 

What are the benefits of Clear Aligners?


Clear aligners in Fort Lee, New Jersey, are transparent, which makes them barely noticeable. Some adults feel embarrassed wearing traditional braces, so clear aligners are a good alternative to straightening teeth.


Traditional braces usually limit your diet since they can easily break from eating crunchy foods. On the other hand, clear aligners are removable, which means you can take them off during meals, allowing you to eat most foods while under treatment. 

Fewer checkups

We know you are busy and going to the dentist can be a hassle. With clear aligners, we reduce the amount of visits by providing you with several sets of appliances to last you a few months.


Clear aligners are crafted from medical-grade plastic that is customized to fit your teeth. Therefore, they can be distorted when exposed to heat (hot beverages). Make sure to take them off before you eat or drink to ensure they last long. For more information on clear aligners in Fort Lee, New Jersey, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us today.

Clear Aligners for Adults - Beam City Dental
Clear Aligners for Adults - Beam City Dental

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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental

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4.9 / 5.0

Highly recommend for orthodontics. From start to finish, I was welcomed by an excellent team, both professional and friendly. I received my Invisalign treatment from Dr. Lin last year, who was very detailed and answered any questions I had. The place was clean all around and had a great atmosphere all around, great vibes from the people

“Highly recommend for orthodontics!”

Mr. O

Visited for an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Lin. Very professional, and seems to be really enthusiastic about his work. Was a pleasure working with him and would recommend to anyone who is looking for an orthodontist in the area. The whole crew is very friendly and makes you feel welcome. Will definitely come again for future ortho needs.

“Very professional!”

Eric P

Great team and great orthodontist. thank you to team at beam city.

“Great orthodontist.”

Wendell M

I usually don’t write any reviews but I have so many good things to say. Dr. Lin is a truly amazing orthodontist (the best in town) he is very patient and is willing to listen and address every question or concerns you may have. The office is very clean, fast and efficient, it’s a very calming environment. The prices are very affordable as they also offer payment plans. I’m very excited about my new smile!

“Truly amazing orthodontist!

Nicole C

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