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Sedation Dentistry


A safe option for fearful, anxious, or special needs patients.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Are you postponing your child’s dental appointments due to fear, anxiety, or traumatic experiences from the past? Sedation dentistry in Fort Lee, New Jersey will help put your child at ease and help them relax during their dental procedure.

Sedation dentistry involves the administration of sedatives to minimize discomfort and anxiety before a dental procedure. Sedation dentistry in Fort Lee, New Jersey can be applied in both simple and more invasive procedures, depending on various factors. 


These factors include the procedure being done, and the child’s needs and health conditions. Additionally, sedatives can be administered in the following ways. 

I.V Sedation (General Anesthesia)

IV sedation is a type of anesthetic that is administered through an intravenous catheter. This sort of sedation does not totally put your child out, but they won't have any memory of the dental procedure. They might recall a brief talk before the surgery and shortly afterward. This option is a perfect choice if your child has special needs or is very anxious. 

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

This is a safe, mild and allergy-free blend of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide. It is administered via your child’s nose and your child remains fully awake during the dental procedure. Most importantly, we let your child breathe normally, and ensure the nitrous oxide is completely out of their system before you go back home. 

What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Relieves anxiety

People have different phobias and causes of anxiety which often lead them to avoid dental appointments. It is especially an issue with children, since they may not understand that dental procedures are meant to help them. Sedation dentistry in Fort Lee, New Jersey has a calming effect that helps your child’s body and mind.

Reduces gag reflex

Although gag reflex allows your child’s throat to eliminate foreign and intrusive objects, it can cause difficulty during treatment. Some procedures will require the dentist to go deeper into the oral cavity. But with gag reflex, it may be difficult, and the spasms may lead to damage or accidents. Thankfully, sedation dentistry reduces gag reflex during dental procedures, making it easy for our dentist to maneuver and treat your child with ease.

Relieves pain

Some dental issues are painful, complex, and may take time to treat. Administering sedatives helps alleviate pain and fasten the treatment process.


As opposed to what most people think, sedation dentistry is safe and painless. We aim to provide your young one with unique and memorable dental experiences. Book an appointment today to learn more about professional sedation dentistry in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Sedation Children Dentist - Beam City Dental
Sedation Children Dentist - Beam City Dental

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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental

Hundreds love Beam City Dental

4.9 / 5.0

I started my Spark treatment at Beam City Dental with Dr. Jason Lin. I read multiple reviews online prior to my visit that Dr. Lin is well experienced with such treatments, and from the way Dr. Lin walked me through the process, I felt confident that I will be satisfied with my results. He assured the process will go on until I am fully content. On my first visit, I got a 3D scan of what my teeth will look like after the given duration, and was able to receive my first set of trays on my second visit. After I had the bondings attached to my teeth, I noticed what seemed to be a minor gap in one of them. I called the office to ask if that's ok, and they suggested I come in to get it fixed. I was able to immediately schedule an appointment, and Dr. Lin was kind to explain it doesn't pose an issue, but he re-did it for my peace of mind. I would recommend this dentistry and Dr. Lin to anyone looking to get orthodontic treatment. The nicely decorated office and friendly staff members also add to an amiable wholesome experience.

Amiable wholesome experience

Daniel O

What an amazing experience. The administrative, dental assistant and dentist staff are top notch! I highly recommend. My son was in Heaven!

“Staff are top notch”

Nellie & Brandon

Highly recommend for orthodontics. From start to finish, I was welcomed by an excellent team, both professional and friendly. I received my Invisalign treatment from Dr. Lin last year, who was very detailed and answered any questions I had. The place was clean all around and had a great atmosphere all around, great vibes from the people!

Highly recommend for orthodontics

Mr. O

I can’t express how pleased my wife and I were bringing our two young daughters to Beam City.  Every single person who worked there showed such kindness to our daughters. They were gentle, patient, and loving. The bedside manner of the doctors was incredible. I am thrilled that we found such a wonderful place for our daughters. We highly recommend it!

“Gentle, patient, and loving”

Matt N

What a wonderful experience. The facility is amazing, their technology is awesome, but the doctor and staff take the cake. Amazing bedside manner, care compassion and skill. Emma was treated like a queen and they handled any moment where she was a little scared or unsure in the most caring of ways. What a great practice.

“What a wonderful experience!”

Alain S

The team at Beam City Dental were friendly and amazing. Brought my 3 yr old for her first dental appointment and she left happy and proud of herself. The visit could not have gone any better!

“My baby's first ever visit!”

Lauretta S

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