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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental


Dr. John Yoo

Pediatric Dentist

Meet Dr. John Yoo - Beam City Dental
Meet Dr. John Yoo - Beam City Dental

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine

Dr. John Yoo can be heard down the hallway singing or laughing with his patients.

Dr. John graduated from Duke University and completed his dental training at Columbia University in NYC. At Columbia, he received the Outstanding Student Leader Award from the American College of Dentists for exceptional leadership, scholarship, and service commitment to his community. From college to his pediatric dental residency training at Jacobi Medical Center, Dr. John tutored students from around the world through an online classroom. Dr. John’s passion for helping and connecting with children is reflected by the quality and attention he gives to each patient he encounters.

Dr. John has been featured on numerous social media channels for his creative behavior management techniques and has lectured to students on topics ranging from pediatric behavior management, dental school and applications, dental residency, and social media.

During his free time, Dr. John enjoys making YouTube videos with his best friend Jason, working out, golfing, traveling, personal training, and singing. Dr. John has participated in dental missions to Brazil, Peru, Panama, Jamaica, and Cambodia, and is eager to treat more children around the world along the way.