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Clear Aligners

Dental issues such as an overbite, misaligned, or crooked teeth can make your child’s life difficult. They affect normal activities like brushing teeth, chewing food, and even speech quality. Clear aligners in Fort Lee, New Jersey, can correct these issues in your child and help improve their smile.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are orthodontic appliances made of thin clear plastic that fit over your child’s teeth to correct alignment issues. Unlike braces, clear aligners are simple to install and remove at home, so you don’t need to worry about frequent dentist visits. 

Clear aligners are transparent, and since they’re custom-made to your child’s needs, they provide more comfort compared to traditional braces.

What are the benefits of Clear Aligners?

Prevents other dental diseases

Crooked teeth can affect the oral health of your child by making it harder to brush some areas of the teeth. They create tiny gaps between teeth that are difficult to clean. This results in tartar buildup that can ultimately lead to bad breath, dental cavities, or gum disease. Clear aligners in Fort Lee, New Jersey, help prevent these issues by straightening your child’s teeth.

Improved Appearance

A healthy smile improves how your child feels about themselves. Clear aligners resolve teeth alignment issues, giving your child an improved smile.


Traditional braces are fixed appliances, thus limiting the types of food you can eat while under treatment. Clear aligners are more flexible since they can be taken off before meals, allowing your child to eat most foods.

Clear aligners, just like any other dental appliance, need to be properly maintained. This involves cleaning them regularly and encouraging your child to brush their teeth often. Book an appointment with us today to get your child scanned and assessed for clear aligners in Fort Lee, New Jersey today.

Children Clear Aligners - Beam City Dental

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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental
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