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Tooth cavities are one of the most common dental issues in children. Cavity fillings in Fort Lee, New Jersey, help repair and restore function to your child’s teeth.

What are Fillings?

Fillings are either a single material or a combination of several materials used to repair and restore teeth. We use dental fillings to patch holes left in your child’s tooth after removing the decay. Treatment options for cavity fillings in Fort Lee, New Jersey, include:

  • Composite Fillings: These are resin-based materials. They are the most common filling materials used for cavity fillings. Dental fillings made of composite resin are shaded to match and blend perfectly with your child’s teeth.

What are the benefits of Fillings?

Prevents cavity growth

Before filling your child’s tooth, our dentist cleans out the decayed part. The filling protects the nerve endings in your child’s tooth and terminates cavity growth. 

Improves tooth structure

Fillings in Fort Lee, New Jersey, help improve the structure of your child’s tooth. This is because we ensure no tooth damages occur during the process. 

Strengthens broken teeth

Fillings restore broken teeth if your child’s tooth is fractured from sporting activities or accidents. 

Improves bite function

Dental cavities corrode the chewing surface of teeth, reducing their efficiency when breaking down food. Our dentists seal these cavities using tooth fillings, hence restoring tooth function.

Some behaviors in children such as grinding teeth, nail-biting, and using teeth to open bottles can cause their teeth to crack or wear down. Dental fillings can help restore these damaged teeth to their original shape. Tooth fillings can also be a temporary solution for your child if they're due for a more comprehensive dental procedure. Book an appointment with us to find out if your child can benefit from tooth fillings in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Dental Fillings - Beam City Dental

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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental
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