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Night Guards

Bruxism occurs when clenching or grinding teeth while sleeping. In children, it can be a result of hyperactivity or irritation of the mouth. Night guards act as a barrier between the teeth surfaces, thus preventing your child from grinding teeth in their sleep.

What are Night Guards? 

A night guard, also known as a nocturnal bite plate, bite splint, or mouth guard, is a dental appliance made of thermoplastic or acrylic.

Night guards protect your child’s teeth at night. They form a barrier that separates the teeth in your upper jaw from those in the lower jaw. As your child sleeps, the night guard absorbs any force caused by clenching of the jaws, thus preventing their teeth from grinding.

What are the benefits of Night Guards?

Improve Sleep Quality

Grinding teeth in sleep can cause jaw pain and headaches, ultimately affecting your child’s sleep quality. Night guards in Fort Lee, New Jersey, mitigate this effect by protecting teeth and allowing your child to sleep peacefully.

Protects Teeth

Nobody likes sensitive teeth. Grinding teeth wears out the enamel, exposing the sensitive parts of the teeth. Wearing a night guard before you sleep protects your child’s teeth against friction, which causes tooth sensitivity.

Ensure your child cleans their night guard daily as they brush their teeth. This removes any plaque that might have remained in the grooves of the night guard. Using dirty dental appliances can lead to further issues like dental cavities or bad breath.

Night guards in Fort Lee, New Jersey, are an essential dental appliance if your child suffers from sleep apnea or bruxism. Night guards can be uncomfortable at first, but your child soon gets used to them. Alternatively, you can book your child an appointment with us to get their custom-made night guard in Fort Lee, New Jersey, today.

Night Guards - Beam City Dental

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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental
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