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Pulp Treatment

Your child’s pulp is the central part of their tooth that comprises connective tissues, cells, and blood vessels. Any infections in this area can cause severe pain and affect your child’s oral health. Pulp treatment repairs, and restores your child’s affected tooth.

What Is Pulp Treatment?

Pulp treatment in Fort Lee, New Jersey involves the removal of diseased pulp and replacing it with a safe and stable filler. After replacing the tooth pulp, we also place a new crown at the top of the affected tooth and seal it.

Signs that your child needs pulp treatment in Fort Lee, New Jersey include Severe toothache, sensitivity, darkening teeth, swelling, tender gums, and a bleeding tooth affecting the neighboring tooth.

There are various types of pulp treatment in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Our dentists assess your child’s symptoms and conditions to help determine the type of pulpal treatment required.

  • Indirect Pulp Treatment: Is done if your child’s tooth has a deep carious lesion near the pulp with no signs of pulp degeneration or exposure. 

  • Protective Liners: Protect your child’s permanent or primary teeth after cavity removal and restoration. They reduce tooth sensitivity and promote pulp tissue healing.

  • Stepwise Excavation: The cavity is partially removed to minimize pulp exposure. After a few months, we reopen the cavity to remove the decay left and restore your child’s tooth.

  • Direct Pulp Capping: Is done on primary teeth with deep cavities and is similar to pulpotomy.

  • Pulpotomy: Our dentists remove the infected portion of the dental pulp and preserve the healthy part.

  • Pulpectomy: Our dentist removes the pulp tissue with irreversible pulpitis or dead tissue.

What are the benefits of Pulp Treatment?

Relieves pain

Severe infections on your child’s tooth pulp can cause fever, toothache, and swelling, which can be painful and frustrating. Pulp treatment relieves your child of this discomfort.

Improves oral health

Pulp treatment in Fort Lee, New Jersey prevents severe pulp infections and improves your child’s oral health.

There may be instances where your child has hidden tooth diseases but without visible signs. It is essential to continually teach and help your child maintain proper dental habits. Book your child an appointment for evaluation and pulp treatment in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Children Pulp Treatment - Beam City Dental

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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental
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