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Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are used to correct dental conditions that are not severe, such as gaps between teeth. 

What are Removable Appliances?

Removable appliances are used to hold, move, and influence selected tooth eruption. These appliances can achieve several goals, ranging from closing your child’s teeth gaps to expanding their jaws and creating space for their adult teeth. 

Removable appliances in Fort Lee, New Jersey include:

  • Active Plates: These are appliances with spring elements for your child’s tooth movement and screws for jaw expansion. They are available in many colors and unique designs. 

  • Bianotor: This single-block appliance is sustained between the lower and upper jaw, and we modify it to move your child’s particular tooth. It also has a bow that provides your child with more stability. 

What are the benefits of Removable Appliances?

Guides growth

Removable appliances guide the growth of your child’s teeth and dental structure in cases of skeletal deformities. 

Easy to manage

Removable appliances are simple and do not require any special expertise to remove during sensitive occasions. If your child is very mindful of their appearance, they may find these appliances more acceptable than fixed appliances. 


Removable appliances in Fort Lee, New Jersey are affordable and time-saving. In case of an accident, you can quickly help your child take them off without visiting a dentist. 

It is important to note that removable appliances don’t treat all orthodontic problems in children. Your child needs expert advice to examine and establish whether their condition requires removable appliances. Book an appointment with us today for professional removable appliances in Fort Lee, New Jersey. 

Removal Appliances - Beam City Dental

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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental
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