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Space Maintainers

Losing primary teeth prematurely can cause several dental problems for your child. Space maintainers in Fort Lee, New Jersey help promote and maintain your child’s proper oral development.

What are Space Maintainers?

Space maintainers are dental appliances in pediatric dentistry used to prevent tooth loss in children. Your child may need space maintainers if they have early childhood caries resulting in teeth loss, tooth loss due to trauma, and over-retained primary teeth. There are several categories of pediatric space maintainers in Fort Lee, New Jersey:

Fixed Unilateral Space Maintainers

These appliances maintain space on a single side of the mouth. Standard devices in this category include the distal shoe and loop maintainers.

Fixed Bilateral

These are put on both sides of the mouth after a tooth loss. Examples include the transpalatal arch, lingual arch, and Nance arch.

Removable Appliances

These are necessary if your child has lost more than one tooth on either side of the mouth or lost teeth prematurely. Your child can also use them for aesthetic reasons, such as missing front teeth.

What are the benefits of Space Maintainers?

Keeps your child’s teeth in position

When your child loses their primary teeth, the surrounding teeth naturally shift towards the gap left. If this happens before the permanent teeth have grown, your child may experience dental development issues. Space maintainers in Fort Lee, New Jersey help prevent shifting and keep your child’s teeth in their correct position.

Reduces the need for other orthodontic treatments

Space maintainers help your child’s teeth grow in their right position, consequently minimizing the risk of other dental diseases.

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Dental Space Maintainers - Beam City Dental

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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist - Beam City Dental
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